Stills from the festival

15 December, Maltepe Children and Youth Prison

13 December, dinner with the volunteers...

12 December, SALT Beyoğlu, the screening of NAN short film selection

12 December, "Roboski, One Year After" panel discussion

12 December, SALT Galata.
Forum Theatre: "Abortion is Our Right, No Need to Discuss!"

11 December, SALT Beyoğlu

10 December, Aynalıgeçit

10 December, Dutch Chapel

Editing at the Video-Activism Workshop...

Laura Yilmaz, the driector of "Places Other People Have Lived"...

Ersin Çelik, director of "I Totally Wrote the Truths – The Notebook of Lice"...


Magnus Gertten at the Q&A of "Harbour of Hope"

SALT Beyoğlu, 8 Dec 15:00...

Panel: 'Just Before Civilization Wipes Out All Living Creatures!'

Le voyage du ballon blue...

7 Dec 2012 - Opening reception at the General Consulate of Sweden

Photographs: Şehlem Sebik

For more photos please visit: google+ albumu

7 Dec 2012 - Video-Activism Workshop 1st day

29 Nov 2012 - Announcement of the program at the press meeting

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