Presentation and Stand:

10 December 2016 Saturday 14:00
Cezayir Salonu

Through our journey that started from Syria and reaches to various places of the world, we are building solidarity for a long time now as 15 women whose paths crossed in Okmeydanı. We are listening to each other’s stories from home to home, street to street, becoming one in the face of our problems and producing solutions. We actualised the idea of transforming these relationships which evolved from our neighbourhood into the will to claim our life, through ‘women with women refugee kitchen’. “In this jar that is presented to your regard is the plum/grape/apple jam of women solidarity against war, exile, borders, of unity and of hope.” is the slogan we took off with. The hope that this kitchen brings light on, will be made sustainable by your support. We need this solidarity as much as everyone needs so that our children can get education and don’t have to work. We became part of our struggle to survive as Syrian women and we will attain our freedom too with this determination.



17 December 2016 Saturday 14:00 (NEW DATE!)
SALT Galata

In 2013 in Turkey, at least 633 children lost their lives from preventable causes. In 2014 this number became 627, and in 2015 it reached 857...

These statistics are taken from the "Children's Right to Life Report" published every year by the Agenda Child Association which was shut down because of the KHK (decree law). And following every statistic, there is a child's life that reaches its end as a result of negligence of physical security and work homicides. Today in public areas where even supporting children's rights is seen as "dangerous", we will seek answers for the questions: what can we say for children's rights, can we imagine the world anew, all together, that is better for children? Together with those who say "Agenda Child”, we made ‘our agenda child’.
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CİSST/ TCPS: The Problems and Needs of Women and Foreign Prisoners

12 December 2016 Monday 19:00
Cezayir Salonu

The CİSST/ TCPS (The Association of Civil Society in Punishment Execution / The Centre of Turkish Prison Studies) has been active for the last ten years and in recent years they have concentrated on prisons with special needs. In prisons that are made for one type of prisoner group, those with special needs are not visible. One of the groups focused on included in the studies concerning prisoners with special needs is women, the other is foreigners. The point in question now is to aim to create a campaign related to the problems and needs of women and foreign prisoners. 

In this context, a platform for discussion will be presented concerning the above mentioned prisoners, mentioning their situation and needs and what is required for the campaign, as well as a conversation that will take place on the association's works and campaigns.
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SİYAH BANT and the Struggle Against Limitations on Artistic Freedom of Expression

13 December 2016 Tuesday 19:30
Cezayir Salonu

Established in 2011, Siyah Bant is a research platform that documents censorship in the arts across Turkey. The initial goal of this initiative was to identify and examine different modalities of censorship. To this end, Siyah Bant has conceptualized censorship not just as the banning of artistic expression through legal means but included process of delegitimization, threats, pressure, targeting and hate speech directed at artists and arts institutions that foreclose or delimit the presentation and circulation of artworks. Siyah Bant has published books, reports and a toolkit in solidarity with artists to help them raise their voice. In this presentation I would like to talk about what we have done so far in a general scope and what we have done in the field of cinema with specific reference to our report “Film Festivals and Artistic Freedom of Expression in Turkey”. -Asena Günal


14 December 2016 Wednesday 19:00
Cezayir Salonu

The Social Rights Assosiation primarily carries out work in the field of social rights including education, city life and housing. They carry out work to raise awareness concerning work-related deaths, which have a significant place in social homicides, and they give legal support to those who have become victims of this crime.  Following the largest workers' massacre in the Republican era that took place on the 13th of May 2014, SHD (SRA - Social Rights Association) representation was opened in Soma and is still continuing its work there. The case at the Akhisar High Criminal Court where some of those responsible for the Soma massacre were judged is followed up with the families of the Soma victims. Immediately following the workers' deaths at a copper mine in Siirt, Şirvan on the 17th of November 2016, the SRA Committee went to Şirvan from the 19th to the 20th of November 2016 and shared their first-hand observations of the situation with the public. Recently in the field of education they have been supporting the "we are not your project!" movement. 

On the 29th of November 2016 our children - who should be under the supervision of the state - lost their lives again because of negligence and a lack of inspection when a fire broke out in a girls' state dormitory in Adana's Aladağ district, and the SRA Committee went there on the same night.

During this presentation with the SRA, the Association's General President Melda Onur, General Secretary esq. Can Atalay, Board Member esq. Evren İşler, they will share their knowledge and observations with us about the Soma, Şirvan and Aladağ cases.
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This year the volunteers of Which Human Rights? Film Festival continues to organize art workshops with children. In the frame of the 8th edition which is going to be held between 10-14 December 2016, there will be a stop motion film workshop with Syrian and Palestinian refugee children living in Istanbul as well as a documentary workshop with the children in the city of Çanakkale in January 2017. For detailed information plese visit: web / facebook

Which Human Rights? Children Workshops: Animation
Date: 10 December 2016, İstanbul / Place: Ad.dar
Tutors: Zeynep Cin, Elif Ergezen, Rebal Magrbh

Which Human Rights? Children Workshops: Documentary
Date: January 2017 / Place: Çanakkale
Tutors: Çağlar Çakar, Elif Ergezen